About One Year Diploma in Front Office Operation    

The front office department is the first point of contact for your customers and the main point of contact while they stay with you. All your guests will interact with your front office department. They will book reservations through the front desk and then check in when they arrive. If they have problems or queries, the front office is the department that will deal with them. They will interact with the front office again when they check out and leave. The front office will also assign their rooms and keep the room status updated.

As well as handling payments for accommodation and services, the front office of a hotel with many international guests might also handle foreign exchange transactions. Another important role performed by the front office department is creating and maintaining records containing guest information. This is increasingly important in tracking patterns in the market and tailoring hotel marketing to future and existing guests.

Duration: 12 months

After Completing this Diploma Course

You can start your career as Receptionist with below organizations in India & Overseas.

·       Hotels

·       Resorts

·       Cruises

·       Motels

·       Floatels